Mod Complete :)

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Well, it’s been a while.

So much has happened since I last posted here. New games, new toys to tamper with… It’s been a long time.

Looking back, I never wrote a final word on this mod. So here it is; the Realms of the Elf-Lords mod has been completed. Little did I know when I started it, that the little code changes would evolve to something so big, and so loved. In the end, the modification reached a point where I would add no more, and change no more. A mature game, it was time to declare its completion.

The mod got great reviews on the many Battle for Middle-Earth 2 websites and communities, as well as a known computer gaming magazine here in Greece. The best indicator of its success, however, is the number of downloads it has, and the many comments and e-mails I have received  about it. I made this mod for myself, but to all of you who downloaded it, played it, and enjoyed it (and people are still downloading it, even after all these years), you have my biggest thanks!

This is my final post on this blog. And as I said, it is time to move on – my next project will be Acherusis, a module for Neverwinter Nights 2. A different kind of game, but many of the same principles apply to it, and Realms of the Elf-Lords taught me quite a few useful skills (balancing, skinning, patience…) that I can still use! I have another blog for Acherusis – you will find the theme familiar. Wish me the best of luck with it!

I’ve had a great time with all of this!

~Lord Firkraag


New Version, 5.2

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Version 5.2 is finally here! I am proud to say I succeeded in my long-time goal of reskinning the evil faction units to change their heavy armor into a dark shade, instead of the striking gold they use. I also got the opportunity to adjust archery a little bit as well.

The changes include:

– Reskinned the heavy armor of goblins, half-trolls, uruks, black orcs, and so on, from the old gold look, to a dark suit of armor.

– Adjusted slightly the range (and vision range!) of many archers, and lowered overall damage output by a small amount on all archers.

–  Gloin now has a grey beard, and the drakes are a darker shade of black-red. Rogash’s white armor was darkened slightly.

As always, the full changelist is here.

Download version 5.2 of Realms of the Elf-Lords here! 

Good luck, have fun.

~ Lord Firkraag

Another Update

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Hello, as you may have noticed, I have not posted anything in a while. I have been busy with exams in the longest time, and I still have 3 weeks to go. I am posting a quick update to answer some of the questions and comments I have received.

Regarding the goblins, they have always been a strong faction; I am getting mixed comments, actually, one person said they are underpowered, and another asked me if they are my favorite faction, because they look strong. The truth lies in-between. At some parts they have been weakened, for example yes, it hurts them that they do not have baby drakes, but in this mod it is cheaper to get the true drake, which is also tougher. I will have to think about it. Unfortunately, I cannot add another dragon to them, that is complicated and a little unnecessary.

About the wall radius, I think I like how it works, it is easy to pull up a perimeter and they are very tough, plus now you can have many more segments between hubs. In addition, wall towers and trebuchets have the toughened wall armor. All in all, big improvements. Increasing the wall radius would just make them too useful, and their point is not to wall off half the map in any case. Think of the walled area as simply the place to make your last stand in a losing battle, or a safe haven to heal and resupply, as they worked in the first Battle for Middle-Earth game.

Finally, the next version is almost done, expect a release in the coming weeks. Exams come first.

It is always good to hear from other players!


The Unofficial 2.02 Patch

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I just want to share a few quick thoughts about the unofficial 2.02. First of all, it should be clear to everyone that Electronic Arts no longer cares about this game (if it ever did?) since Rise of the Witch-King cannot offer any more money, at this point, even if they release free patches for it. In that light, an attempt by fans to make an unofficial patch is applauded, but for me, terribly late.

To be more specific, I was reading through the mod‘s changelist (an unofficial patch is basically a mod, even if it is advertised as a patch) and it is fixing the Lindon Horse Archer trample bug. Wow. That has been around since Rise of the Witch-King was released, more than a good year ago. And personally, I had forgotten about it… Because I corrected this in this mod, and I did so many months ago.

Of course I did not only correct that one bug. I fixed the attackspeed of many slow units, increased the hero revival times, improved siege warfare, decreased the cost of banner carrier upgrades, added regeneration to several monsters… Do you see a pattern here? These are all things that this “2.02 patch” mod accomplishes. If you have been playing the “Realms of the Elf-Lords” mod in the last months, you do not even care about most of these things by now, because the game is already awesome for you. In the end, the “2.02” mod takes a good, solid step towards balance; but it also proves what I stated long ago, that “Realms of the Elf-Lords” does create a balancing experience, and is not only about staying true to the books and movies – which is also what distinguishes it among all the mods out there.

So, the 2.02 mod is definitely commendable work, but too late, people… Those that do care about balance have either stopped playing, or switched to a mod like the one that this site is dedicated to. To the few that do worry about balance and will try the 2.02 mod: Congratulations are in order, you win the “I am Patient” awards. Also congratulations to the people in Clanwars that endorse that mod and support it.

Next Version (?!)

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I am in the process of reskinning many units in the “dark” factions that receive gold heavy armor upgrades. The goal here is to give them a darker look. One of the most loved parts of this mod has always been the reskinned dwarves, so I think everyone will like this heavy armor change as much as I do.

Look forward to an update.

~ Firkraag

Version 5.1 released!

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New version’s up and ready! Download it from this link!

Changes in this most recent version (5.1):

– Elven buildings have longer buildtimes
– Elven technologies have longer research times
– Isengard technologies have shorter research times
– Archer ranges rebalanced
– Flier vision increased
– Eagles and Dragons detect stealth
– Rhudaur Spearmen health increased
– Snow Troll and Hill Troll health decreased
– Noldor cost back to 1500
– Lorien Warriors and Lorien Archers cost 400
– Shelob is weaker to Flame
– Siege Weapons rebalanced (Range, Damage, Radius, Miss Chances)
– Env vision decreased
– Eomer’s Leadership only affects Rohirrim
– Half-Troll Swordsmen attackspeed increased
– Half-Troll Marauder and Swordsmen health decreased
– Dark Dunedain attackspeed increased
– Hero-horde HPs decreased, except for the Black Riders
– Black Riders have a new armor that is weak to Flame
– Units in hordes need more XP to reach level 2
– Evil eye also debuffs armor now
– Gorkil cost decreased to 2000
– Stealth restored to being still only
– Mumakil charge deals 6x damage vs heroes
– Increased Troll speed (except for the Drummer Trolls)
– Trolls no longer trample (pikes owned them and their crush damage was minimal)
– Increased spiderling/dire wolf/warg pack vision ranges
– Wolf Upgrade cost decreased to 300 (for the Thrall Master)
– Hall of the King’s Men, Temple of Twillight, Forge upgrade costs 500 then 1000
– Green Pasture, Troll Den, Spider Pit level 3 upgrade costs 500
– Fortress Firedrake cost decreased to 1500, buildtime increased
– Chillwind snuffs out fires
– Ice Munitions put out fires
– Grey Mountains map renamed to Ered Mithrin


– Baby Drakes are no longer recruitable. Uruk Deathbringers can no longer use their stone wall power. Longshots are no longer usable by Rangers and Dark Rangers. Woohoo.

The changelog is updated to reflect the new changes. Now get downloading!

Gl & hf!

~ Firkraag

Quick Update

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My Internet connection is back on-line, so I will quickly try to answer here some of the questions that were sent through comments.

For the Dwarven Skins; I’d really prefer it if people didn’t just use them for other mods. One of the benefits of them being a separate download is this; one could make his own mod without any change to dwarves, then point a link to these and say he recommends using them with his mod; chances are they will be compatible. There is no need to actually include them in any other mod’s download files.

Factions; If one of them seems to have more gains than losses it is not a matter of “favoritism”, though I will admit I have actively tried to tone down Dwarves and Angmar because they were so good in the first place. Part of this modification’s goals is to make the game more balanced, and while it is not primarily meant for multiplayer, I think I have been successful thus far. Trying to guess which faction I play with is doomed to fail, as I try them all more or less equally, if only for playtesting reasons 😉

Finally, do want to change the skins for Mordor and the other evil factions, with heavy armor on. The golden look is one of the things I’d be happy to be rid of; however, I don’t see it appearing on the next version since I am lacking the time to reskin so many units by my self-imposed deadline.

For anything else, leave a comment! They may not appear, but I am reading them.

You can expect the next version very soon, by the way.