Quick Update

My Internet connection is back on-line, so I will quickly try to answer here some of the questions that were sent through comments.

For the Dwarven Skins; I’d really prefer it if people didn’t just use them for other mods. One of the benefits of them being a separate download is this; one could make his own mod without any change to dwarves, then point a link to these and say he recommends using them with his mod; chances are they will be compatible. There is no need to actually include them in any other mod’s download files.

Factions; If one of them seems to have more gains than losses it is not a matter of “favoritism”, though I will admit I have actively tried to tone down Dwarves and Angmar because they were so good in the first place. Part of this modification’s goals is to make the game more balanced, and while it is not primarily meant for multiplayer, I think I have been successful thus far. Trying to guess which faction I play with is doomed to fail, as I try them all more or less equally, if only for playtesting reasons 😉

Finally, do want to change the skins for Mordor and the other evil factions, with heavy armor on. The golden look is one of the things I’d be happy to be rid of; however, I don’t see it appearing on the next version since I am lacking the time to reskin so many units by my self-imposed deadline.

For anything else, leave a comment! They may not appear, but I am reading them.

You can expect the next version very soon, by the way.



~ by Julian Gellert on October 16, 2007.

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