In the next version

The Drake. Or a baby drake, depending on scaling..!

Here comes a post about the next version of this mod. I think it is necessary as I am going for radical changes at the moment, so consider this a warning of sorts!

I believe that EA did many mistakes with the expansion. Rise of the Witch-King is a fun game, with great features, but largely it is… not very high quality. EA rushed to get out a game with minimal work (read: minimal cost to them) and so they “got lazy” in many aspects. Mostly in certain so-called “new” units.

This is directed primarily at Baby Drakes and Uruk-Hai Deathbringers. The former is a scaled-down version of the drake with the same attack that comes in hordes, the latter is an edited create-a-hero in small hordes. In the case of the Deathbringers, EA did not even bother to give them shield-wall animation and their shield-wall is simply a yellow glow. Finally, there are the Dwarven Zealots, or mini-Gimlis; EA actually reskinned a hero unit, how lame is that. These units have no place in my ideal Lord of the Rings-themed game. After all, the goal of this modification is to make the game 1) fun, and 2) adhere to Tolkien “canon” where possible. Baby Drakes are the direct result of EA’s laziness, they are anti-epic, they are boring, and they are going to go away next version of Realms of the Elf-Lords.

The Drake. Or a baby drake, depending on scaling..!

The Drake. Or a baby drake, depending on scaling..!

The Drake. Or a baby drake, depending on scaling..!

I am not sure exactly what my plans are for all the hero-hordes. I like the Nazgul in a horde, and Noldors and Knights of Dol-Amroth are great units. They might need to be changed, though, if I end up removing the hero-hordes of other factions.

But I am not worried, I am certain I will come up with a cool way to make everything work. I already have a few cool ideas about Tolkienesque Dragons… But more on those next time..!



~ by Julian Gellert on September 24, 2007.

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