Here there be Dragons

So now that I have “baby drakes” out of the picture, I can focus on real dragons; Drogoth and the Fire Drakes. It has not been long since I read “The Children of Hurin” and I had a couple ideas in my head.

One, dragons ought to have excellent vision. Glaurung’s sight is described as keener than that of eagles, and he could easily spot hidden enemies, even elves. That translates as an easy and substantial buff in-game, greater sight and stealth detection. The Fire Drakes have a wider shroud revealing radius and they can hunt down Gollum; and so can Drogoth, who now has the largest sight radius in the game (larger than Drakes, since he flies and would have a better view of any battlefield).

Two, it’s the dragon-spell. Glaurung used it more than once, the power to hypnotize a victim by locking eyes.

‘…Glaurung withheld his blast, and opened wide his serpent-eyes and gazed upon Turin. Without fear Turin looked into them as he raised up the sword; and straightway he fell under the blinding spell of the lidless eye of the dragon…’

SmaugThe dragon-spell seems varied in its effects. Turin is described to be paralyzed as if he was turned to stone, and so is Nienor later, but on her the effect is greater; she loses her memories and is driven mad (though one might assume that this was because she was not as strong-willed as her brother Turin). Regardless, the dragon-spell appears to have passed on to the descendants of Glaurung. In “The Hobbit”, we read about the dragon Smaug, who attempts to use it on the hidden Bilbo Baggins. In their conversation, whenever the dragon’s gaze swept where Bilbo hid, he felt an urge to reveal himself.

‘…In fact he was in grievous danger of coming under the dragon-spell…’

So in the next version of Realms of the Elf-Lords, Drogoth is definitely going to hold this power. Used in battle at moderate range, the dragon-spell will completely paralyze a targeted hero for a large duration, also reducing his armor substantially (as a paralyzed target cannot defend himself). I expect it will do wonders to protect the dragon-lord from lone archer heroes, or help neutralize a serious threat in a larger battle.

The Fire Drakes may or may not get a similar power, but if they do, it will probably be more limited in effect.



~ by Julian Gellert on October 5, 2007.

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