Version 5.1 released!

New version’s up and ready! Download it from this link!

Changes in this most recent version (5.1):

– Elven buildings have longer buildtimes
– Elven technologies have longer research times
– Isengard technologies have shorter research times
– Archer ranges rebalanced
– Flier vision increased
– Eagles and Dragons detect stealth
– Rhudaur Spearmen health increased
– Snow Troll and Hill Troll health decreased
– Noldor cost back to 1500
– Lorien Warriors and Lorien Archers cost 400
– Shelob is weaker to Flame
– Siege Weapons rebalanced (Range, Damage, Radius, Miss Chances)
– Env vision decreased
– Eomer’s Leadership only affects Rohirrim
– Half-Troll Swordsmen attackspeed increased
– Half-Troll Marauder and Swordsmen health decreased
– Dark Dunedain attackspeed increased
– Hero-horde HPs decreased, except for the Black Riders
– Black Riders have a new armor that is weak to Flame
– Units in hordes need more XP to reach level 2
– Evil eye also debuffs armor now
– Gorkil cost decreased to 2000
– Stealth restored to being still only
– Mumakil charge deals 6x damage vs heroes
– Increased Troll speed (except for the Drummer Trolls)
– Trolls no longer trample (pikes owned them and their crush damage was minimal)
– Increased spiderling/dire wolf/warg pack vision ranges
– Wolf Upgrade cost decreased to 300 (for the Thrall Master)
– Hall of the King’s Men, Temple of Twillight, Forge upgrade costs 500 then 1000
– Green Pasture, Troll Den, Spider Pit level 3 upgrade costs 500
– Fortress Firedrake cost decreased to 1500, buildtime increased
– Chillwind snuffs out fires
– Ice Munitions put out fires
– Grey Mountains map renamed to Ered Mithrin


– Baby Drakes are no longer recruitable. Uruk Deathbringers can no longer use their stone wall power. Longshots are no longer usable by Rangers and Dark Rangers. Woohoo.

The changelog is updated to reflect the new changes. Now get downloading!

Gl & hf!

~ Firkraag


~ by Julian Gellert on October 23, 2007.

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