New Version, v3.17, released!

New version, v3.17 of the Realms of the Elf-Lords mod, has been released!

Here is the list of the changes:

– All archers except Uruk Crossbowmen, Goblin Archers, Haradrim archers fire 20% more slowly, axethrowers 30% more slowly
– Hobbit Allies duration increased
– Gandalf’s LD changed to +25% armor, +200% experience, immunity fear
– Knights of Dol Amroth Speed decreased
– Wargpack costs 200, buildtime 20s
– Warg Rider health increased further, cost 600
– Lorien Archer damage increased
– Lorien Warrior health increased
– Elven units take longer to train
– Peasant unit added to Men Farms, can repair buildings
– Men Rebuild replaced by Draft
– All cavalry is more vulnerable to Crush
– Shade of the Wolf, Oathbreakers more resistant (almost invulnerable) to Frost
– Upgraded archers do only 50% of their energy damage against Structures
– Dark Ranger unupgraded pierce damage decreased
– Fire Arrows for Men and Dwarves require a level 3 Archery Range
– Dwarven Forge Works cost 600
– Elven Eregion Forge costs 1500
– Trolls are considered vulnerable to sunlight (stunned by Golden Arrow and Starlight)
– Wormtongue can no longer backstab structures, ships, or machines
– Legolas cannot use Hawk Strike on structures
– Wildmen gain experience faster
– Baby Drakes no longer crush trees, they can kill up to 4 units per breath
– Fire Drake kill limit per breath increased to 8, now have Strong Shockwave Resistance
– Sorcerer spell range increased
– Signal Fire, Outpost health increased
– Glorfindel’s Blade of Purity is only +100% Damage, Starlight now additionally provides Glorfindel with double damage and armor
– Gandalf’s Wizard Blast does 2x damage to Saruman
– Saruman’s Wizard Blast does 2x damage to Gandalf, recharge time halved
– Saruman’s fireball does more damage on buildings
– Eomer’s Spear Throw does more damage

– All tooltips now display properly
– Dark Ranger Ice Arrows bug fixed
– Noldor line up properly
– Clan Steading gets its arrow tower at level 3
– Black Numenorean Pierce armor increased like that of other swordsmen
– Ring Hero leadership is visible on the Palantir
– Shade of the Wolf is immune to Cripple

– Galadriel’s Tornado has a new visual effect (lightning – from Collector’s Edition)
– Black Numenoreans scaled to be a bit taller
– Rohan Spearmen scaled to be a bit shorter
– Glorfindel’s hair has been retextured with a golden hue
– Glorfindel’s Starlight (Revealed in Wrath) has a new unique visual effect
– Glorfindel’s Starlight renamed Revealed In Wrath
– Prince Brand renamed King Brand
– Wormtongue renamed Grima
– Haradrim Lancers renamed to Haradrim Raiders
– Purple color changed to a darker shade

You can view the full changelog here.

The download link can be found here.

The forum thread for suggestions and bug reports is here.

Installation instructions come with the download.




~ by Julian Gellert on March 18, 2007.

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